Considering Masai Balance Shoes?

This relatively new type of shoe called the Masai Balance Shoe seems pretty cool. Before I began researching the shoe, I did not know anything about them. Everyone is always looking for a better/easier way to exercise. Quite frankly, many people do not have the time to workout out in a gym every day. So, what better way to get in shape than to do it with something that you do every day, no matter where you are; walking. These shoes are unique because they allow you to exercise, just by walking around in your shoes. From what I understand, these shoes are made by Masai Barefoot Technology. The entire concept is centered around creating shoes that almost make you feel like you are walking in sand. The shoe cushions your feet while challenging your muscles. This shoe has been known to also improve the use of your joints and spine. With their best insoles you can use these sandals on a daily basis as well. They are just perfect for your feet because of their natural design and high-comfort. 

The Masai balance shoe seems to only come in a couple of styles, gym shoes, and sandals. The gym shoe and sandal style of shoe is similar to any other gym shoe or sandal that is currently on the market. There are a couple of exceptions though, The soles of the Masai shoes look quite different from your normal gym shoe or sandal. They have a scooped looked to the bottom of them and they look as though they have extra padding in them. Other than that, there really wouldn’t be much of a difference between these shoes and any other shoes. The only other thing that I noticed about the Masai shoes is that they are pretty expensive. One pair is at least $200 and looks like it could go up to almost $300.

In my opinion, these shoes are a good idea. I would like to hear about some stories of people who have actually found this method of exercise better than the traditional method. Another thing that I like about these shoes is that they can improve the use of your joints and spine. Anything that could help you to be healthier and more fit, is always a good idea. The two things that concern me are the actual art of walking in these shoes and the price of the shoes. From looking at the shoes, you cannot tell how difficult they would be to walk in. If it is really comparable to walking in sand, then that could get very tiring after a while. I am not sure if I would want to walk around in sand everywhere I go. Also, the price of them is a little steep for me. I never spend $200 on shoes. I think that if I felt that they were truly worth it, I might shell out the money to buy them.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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