Company Freebie Ideas

Company freebies would make most of your employees a bit happier at the least. You could give them away during special events like company anniversary parties, Christmas parties, Reunions, and even for a group of newbies or new trainees. Many would agree that as long as it’s free and useful, then why not? Here are some ideas on what freebies you can distribute to your employees.

Company Mugs are quite common. When you feel sleepy on your desk and you want to drink some coffee or soda, it’s always good to have a mug or even a small spill-proof glass handy. Imprint your logo on the mugs if you’d like. It’s a good way to promote the company as well.

Give them some Lanyards. A lanyard is simply an ID lace. It’s also a good way to show what company you work for and most of them look cool especially their designs and they’re usually colorful but simple.

Mouse Pads have been very popular especially to IT companies. It is useful both at home and at work. Some would even give it free along with a mouse (some are even giving out cool wireless mouse). If your need assistance with electronic gadgets you can try out new tech gadgets 2019 that you can hand out to your employees on special occasions. You get a list of affordable gadgets that you can get as freebies.

Supplies will be helpful as well. Give them extra notebooks and a couple of free pens. It could be very useful at work and some may even bring a few home. Just limit it though so you could use most of them for work. This is especially true with typewriting papers.

A lot of people would really like some cool jackets from the companies they’re working for. Most of them have very simple designs but a lot of them are really very comfortable. I’ve had 2 jackets so far from the companies I worked for and they’re pretty comfortable to wear and very useful in the office. It’s like 10 degrees (Celsius) in the office almost everyday whether it’s summer or not.

Another thing that is very useful and one that you can use and wear frequently would be shirts. You can add in pants if you’d like and other apparel. One of the best ways to design a shirt is to make it blend with the company logo.

A classic is food. This is nice to give to your employees especially during events and holidays. If you have work on thanksgiving, why not let them have free turkey sandwiches? That should at least cheer them up even if they’re at the office. Give them ham during Christmas. Or if your company specializes on food, give them a sample of your selection (or what they prepare themselves).

Whatever freebie you’d like to give your employees it would be good but what’s a lot better is when your employees are proud that they belong to your company. Make them feel at home. Some of them may not appreciate it but a lot definitely will (usually majority). It’s a great way to make your company visible to the public as well. But remember that you also need to review your budget. Expensive freebies like jackets may take a good cut in your company’s revenue. Try to be creative and give something that is useful.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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