Cbd And Insomnia – Does It Work On The Disorder?

Sleep is an unavoidable thing as it charges up your whole body and mind. After a long schedule, we get charged up again for the day after a long night of sound sleep. People who suffer from lack of sleep end up developing lots of physical problems. Sleeping disorder is annoying and it has an intense effect on your health and overall life. When general sleeping disorder reaches the extent, it calls insomnia. Insomnia is a disease and the effects of the same are quite serious. Many researchers have found out that CBD can help in insomnia. We will discuss that in that blog, but before that you need to understand the effects of insomnia to understand the intensity of the same.

For insomnia, you will develop various physical problems and many more than you think of. Let’s take a look at the effects here:

  • During sleep your brain develops the connection that helps you to remember things. Lack of sleep can cause negative effect on the memory.

  • Without enough rest you will lose the skills of concentration and problem-solving skills and creativity.

  • The risk of diabetes gets high with lack of sleep and insomnia because it affects release of insulin in your body which is a sugar-lowering hormone.

  • The risk of getting in an accident goes higher with lack of sleep or insomnia for being drowsy throughout the day.

  • With insomnia your brain doesn’t work properly as a result you end up without following any schedule or diet. The result is weight gain.

  • Lower libido is also a sign of insomnia. Without adequate energy the drop of hormone is quite common.

  • The high blood pressure is also a consequence of sleep deprivation which leads to heart disease.

  • Insomnia can trigger mental ailments including anxiety, depression, mood swings and more.

Effectiveness of CBD in Insomnia

A recent research has found out that CBD can improve sleep and thus can improve mental ailments like anxiety. With 72 subjects – 25 with insomnia and 47 with anxiety the research was pursued. With 35 mg of CBD everyday in the form of capsules helped reducing anxiety level and promoted sound sleep. Pain is also a crucial factor behind lack of sleep which is also addressed efficiently with CBD. Another study with Parkinson’s patients proved CBD’s effectiveness where it helped in improving RED sleep disorder and RBD as well which are all caused by lack of sleep. Insomnia’s another symptom is grogginess which is also treated with CBD.

However, there are many negative feedbacks on CBD as well. For many people CBD has created reverse effect. Instead of sleeping they become more wakeful. Typically, CBD is capable of promoting sleep, however, in some cases, it worked unexpectedly. Many people out there across the globe consume CBD or CBD as vape but for the THC content in it that can make one high, CBD is not legalised in all countries. Marijuana, the mother plant of CBD is extensively used in the medicines but those are industrial CBDs and contains a very less percentage of THC.

If you are willing to get CBD for your sleeplessness, ensure that you don’t have any other medication going on that can contradict with this. If you have more queries, click here to know more.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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