Candle Burning Safety Tips

Last night on the news…..retired couple lost their home to fire….nobody was hurt….lifetime of memories and mementos lost FOREVER….cause of fire….BURNING CANDLE…..

Did you know that 25% of house fires during the winter holiday season are cost by improper way of taking care of and burning candles?

……Another winter holiday season is slowly upon us…..If your family is anything like mine you will burn lots of candles from late October well into the New Year.

I love candles….candlelight….comforting smell of aroma candles….I will look for opportunities to burn my candles. So with days getting darker and cooler the Candle Season in my house officially started.

Burning candles can add warm….special…..romantic touch to any environment. They can make any ordinary day or evening little more special.

However…..Burning candles without following safety tips can also destroy homes and lives.

There are few tips you need to follow to keep your family safe while enjoying your candles burning bright this holiday season:

Choose a Safe Spot to Burn Candles – make sure that your candles are not placed on top of plastic surfaces like TVs or computers. The heat builds up from the candle can melt or scorch the plastic.

Cut Down The Wicks – before you light your candles (new or used) make sure the wicks are 1/4″ or less. Long wicks will cause high flames.

Keep a Safe Distance – make sure your candles are at least 3″ apart from each other to prevent them from melting into each other or causing a draft that will make them burn improperly.

Follow the 2″ Stub Rule – when candles burn down to 2″ stubs toss them away to prevent scorched or burning furniture. Votives and tea lights are usually safe to let burn down (keep eye on them) and candles in glass jars are safe till there is about 1″ left. Less then that can cause the glass to shatter.

Choose the Right Candles – if you are using scented candles don’t cheap out. Choose candles from reputable candle makers (I always buy my scented candles from PartyLite and Golden Canyon). Too much fragrance in candles can create fire causing high flames.

According to fire safety experts, you should not be burning your candles longer than one hour for every inch of the candle’s diameter.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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