Benefits Of Using Hirecraft HR Automation Tool

Automation has taken over most of the daunting manual tasks of yesterday. With the progress of technology, automation has brought massive changes in all walks of life such as communication, travel, lifestyle and work. Coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, internet, phones and human resources. Yes, automation is an essential part of human resources. It influences every line of activity from payroll to staffing and business communication to generating appointment letters.

In fact, recruitment and staffing have become more streamlined and organized with the use of HR automation software. It helps in reducing the turnaround time of recruiting for a job. By using this automated recruitment software, recruiters can access relevant resumes for the given job description in a matter of minutes. Further, they can send bulk emails and even free text messages to contact multiple candidates with the click of a button.

One such good example is the HR software called Hire-craft. It is highly efficient and creates a better productive work environment. When an HR (Human Resource) organization implements this software, it can keep a track on the employee productivity and their targets. There are numerous benefits of Hirecraft that can be briefly mentioned one after the other.

Generating Report

Every assigned hire-craft user needs to document his everyday work at the end of the day. A recruiter works on multiple staffing requirements and handles different client. Using hirecraft, he can organize the resumes under each individual client. He mentions the number of candidates he contacts, mails, and texts every day. When required, the recruiter can download an excel sheet format of this information, generate reports for the whole team and take a print out if needed.

Interview Schedule and Sending Reminder

Further, hirecraft can be used to schedule interviews, send reminders to candidates to attend the interviews. Recruiters enter the data such as interview date, time, candidate name, interviewer name and address. Hirecraft contains interview templates that automatically update these details. Recruiters can add any additional information and send it to multiple candidates at a time.

It also auto-saves their mobile numbers from the resume. Along with the interview schedule mail, recruiters can also send an automated text message that informs the candidates about their interview schedule. Another interesting benefit is that recruiters can add their team members to this interview schedule. In case they are on leave, the colleagues would be able to contact the candidate and client to ensure that the interview schedule is not disrupted

Employee Productivity

Recruiters work on tight schedule, revenue targets and multiple staffing projects in one time. Multi tasking is an essential part of their regular routine. The manager can keep a tab on the team members using hirecraft. He would know the number of candidates being processed by each team member. The manager would also have a rough idea of the month’s revenue ahead of time. Hence, they can plan to have more candidates joining by the month’s end to meet their target.

Invariably, there would be some non-performers in the hiring team. Without automation software, it would be tough to track their progress. They might not provide proper information about their daily tasks. However, with tools like hirecraft, it becomes tough to remain un-noticed. Recruiters need to update the status of their candidates after each stage- Contacted-interviewed-selected-offered-joined.

At each stage of construction recruitment agency a person has to go through various steps for the interviews which includes the mobile chat, video call and the direct interview by the chiefs of an company; its all done so the company can hire the best staff. hirecraft automatically enters the date and time stamp that cannot be altered. Hence, one cannot try to incorporate false data. The managers can easily track the team’s productivity and recognize the better performers and the non-performers without much hassle.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, hirecraft provides a huge database of resumes. One hiring agency might have several branches across the globe. Using this software, they can all be integrated under one roof. Hence, it increases transparency of business and helps to focus on higher organizational responsibilities.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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