Avoiding Pain from Dental Surgery

There has always been a close association between pain and dentistry. Fear of the pain that can occur in dental work is so strong in some people that they procrastinate when a dental problem arises. This allows the problem to become worse, often causing them extreme pain. When in reality, in modern times the worst pain in a dental chair is the shot to administer an anesthetic. Once the dental work is completed, the pain from not only the shot, but from whatever dental condition was causing the pain, is gone for good.

Often a person will concentrate on the pain associated with a shot, and in reality this only makes it worse. The mind body connection kicks in and magnifies the pain. In most scenarios, a maximum of two shots is needed to get maximum effect. And if you are in pain when you arrive, these shots are actually going to ease the pain that already exists.

Sedation by IV or laughing gas are also alternatives for people with an extreme fear of dental pain. Each of these has the ability to enable you to relax prior to getting the shot. IV sedation gives you the option of being totally unconscious or semi conscious. It is actually preferred during the extraction of wisdom teeth, as it allows them to be removed without the patient having to listen to the sounds of the process. IV sedation enters your body through a needle inserted into your vein, and works through your bloodstream.

If you have elected to use either sedation or laughing gas, this will be administered before anything else is done. Once either of these two agents kicks in, you normally will not feel or remember anything that happens until it wears off. These two agents simply work to put you at ease through the procedure, and allow you to have minimal discomfort during your time in the dental chair.

As with many things, the fear of dental pain is usually worse than the pain itself. This fear usually stems from believing the process will be worse than it actually is. The shots that you get at the dentist are usually the most painful part of the dentist, and compared to the pain of a toothache they are minimal on the pain scale. Once your anesthetic has time to kick in you won’t feel any more pain, and you will find that dental pain is really nothing to fear.

You should never procrastinate about seeing your dentist because of a fear of dental pain. Everything that will happen will be explained to you in detail, and you will be given several options for medication and sedation. The pain of the dreaded shots will be nothing compared to the pain you will experience living with dental problems.

So friends, without further ado, just find the best dentists in the colony and get rid of your dental problems once and for all as numbing the pain for a little while will only increase with negative outcome.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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