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A Neat Wallet Can Save Your Money

A messy wallet can imply a lot of problem. From delaying your payment at cashier because it’s too difficult to find your money between small little papers inside your wallet, to pay a wrong sum of money. If you don’t want these things to happen, please take a look on these tips:

  1. A wallet for your needs

Before you buy a wallet, remember what you’ll need from a wallet. Check out its size and design. If you’re an active person with a lot of activities, pick a bigger size wallet, so you’ll have a room for your extra stuff such as notes or pens. But, if you haven’t that much activity, pick a standard-sized wallet with a card storage function, and of course, money storage function.

  1. Clean your wallet from useless papers

Throw your trashes! Don’t keep those useless papers in your wallet, such as shopping lists or business cards. Business cards may be kept on its own place, with your shopping lists and receipts on another place which is not mixing with your other stuffs.

  1. Arrange your receipts

Keep your receipts or another paycheck on a special wallet or map. Don’t put it inside your everyday’s wallet. If you don’t need those receipts, don’t hesitate to throw them all.

  1. Arrange your money by its nominal

Arrange your money by its nominal, for example, one thousand rupiahs are the first on the wallet, continued with another next bigger nominal. It’s better to keep your bigger nominal money in a separated room on your wallet with any smaller nominal money. If needed, put a separator between the money nominal.

  1. Arrange your cards

Arrange your cards, like ID, credit card, ATM card, insurance card, in their order. Arrange them from the card you used more, to the card you used less. For example, if your ATM card is the most used card, put it in a easy and reachable place on your wallet.

  1. Keep your risky object away

It’s better to keep no items like key (house key, motorcycle key, or cabinet key), certificates (car certificates), jewelry (rings, earrings), or flash disk in your wallet. If your wallet is stolen, the thief had a plenty chance to rob items on your house, steals your motorcycle, or steals your important data on your flash disk.

  1. Limit your amount of photos

Remember that wallet is to keep your money, not your family photo album. You don’t need to keep all your photos because it’ll make your wallet thick and crowded. Bring just one or two photos inside.

  1. Throw all unimportant things

Throw all your unimportant things from your wallet, such as paperclips, candies, tissues, and others. This stuff will mess your wallet, making it crowded with those things.

  1. Prepare a ‘small change wallet’

Keep your small changes in a special wallet. Don’t keep it with paper money or cards. This is important because small changes make your wallet thick and messy, hard to close, and damaging your wallet.

  1. Clean it routinely

The faster, the better. That’s also works for your wallet. The faster you clean the dirt on or inside your wallet, the smaller chance that dirt will damage your wallet. If your wallet made from leather, clean it in a professional wallet cleaner, such as laundry. A dirty wallet can spread bad odor inside your bag. The cleaning of the minimalist wallet should be done regularly through the person. It will reduce the wearing and tearing cost of the wallet. The life of the wallet will be increased through the cleaning.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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