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7 Most Amazing Games To Play In School Or Office

To spend some of the best time and create memories with your school mates or college in office, it is one of the best ideas to play some impressive games. From truth/dare games to leg-pulling, you can try out anything that you may be willing to do. By playing some games for a couple of minutes or an hour can help to feel refreshed, enhancing mood, and being more productive in several manners.

There are lots of people who love to try out some new games, and if you are wondering some of the amazing things to do, then you can try out the top seven-game ideas that you can play with your friends or colleagues in school or office. Going with games like never have I ever and truth or dare are full of fun. So, you can try them out also. Or you can go with all the games day by day to try something new every day.

Most of the games don’t require much stuff, so you won’t have to worry about grabbing anything. Let’s have a look –

  1. Truth or Dare

It might not be unique, but it is one of the fun games which can trigger laughter and suspense hearing stories of others. Even, if you have played this game but you can try out some of the different things like giving a situation when someone takes the truth. In conditions, you can try giving a situation like choosing one person among any two they like and asking the reason.

  1. Likes and Dislikes

Everyone will write down like and dislike, which can be related to anything about office or school. Now, all the slips are going into a box, and one by one, everyone will take the turn to get a random slip among them. He/she has to guess that who wrote these likes and dislikes. The fun part is that person will announce all the likes and dislike written in that slip. This will be a fun thing to try out.

  1. Guessing the Movie

Movies are fun to watch, but if you really love any movie so much, then you can play guessing the movie game. Each person has to take a turn and make some gesture of movie or any song from that. The other will guess which song or movie is it. This game gets interesting when the turner will make a gesture, it will be funny, and you will love it.

  1. Laughing Game

It is a game of two-person which gets interesting when the other person tries hard to make you laugh. Both candidates get their turn one by one. This start is keeping an expression on the face and not laughing. The other person will keep on trying hard to make you laugh. He/she has one minute or two. There is no limit, but he/she can’t touch you. So, this will be amazing for those who want to see others making funny faces. Other people can try out whatever they want.

  1. No Blink

Looking into someone’s eyes and not blinking before the other person gets a pretty game to try out. The rule is, you can’t move too much, just a little. Both gamers need to keep a straight look into others’ eyes. Who blinks first will get caught. That’s why you are a cool game to play. It is for school friends and office mates. They can create a team and who wins will get the point to the team. This will let you enjoy the hell out.

  1. Newly Wed Games

Role-play games get impressive when there is someone to act very real. If there are five people, then they can play the role of brother, sister, couple, and a lot more. The fun part is, a male person can try out playing the role of women and acting like a female. This is an interesting game among those who are willing to try something new for a long time. The rule is, there is no rule, so you are free to talk whatever you want, but keeping the limit is necessary.

  1. Making Mummies

In this game, you will play any of the games from above mentioned or any new game. The team or candidate who loses due to poor performance will be wrapped with toilet paper. You will convert that person into a mummy and irritate him/her with some loose talks. Most of the gamers find it interesting because creating a mummy is fun time experience for sure.

Bottom Line

Playing these seven games will let you spend the extra time with some fun. Make sure that you create the basic rules, and while making mummy, you don’t wrap too tightly so that it becomes hard to breathe.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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