5 Tips to Improve Your Photography Love Life

As many of my family and friends already know, photography plays a critical role in my life. It grants me the privilege to express myself far beyond the complexity of words. With that being said, my relationship with photography isn’t always easy. It requires a plenty of hard work and dedication, just as any significant relationship does. Similar to marriage, as time passes, we all get comfortable in our routines. Routines can be beneficial but also prove a bit cliché. One can get to know more about it at Here are a few tips to put a twist on your routine and have your camera begging for more with ever click of the shutter.

  1. The chase: So we’ve all come across individuals who play “hard to get”. The chase factor can be a turn on right? Well this can apply to your art as well. As an intermediate or professional photographer I’m sure you’ve experienced the glory of shooting during the sunrise or sunset hours. Why not try shooting smack dab in the middle of the day or really late in the evening by moonlight. This will have you “chase” the proper exposure and add interestingness to your images.
  2. New Horizons: Who hasn’t heard (or said) the line “I’m tired of the same old places, I want to try some place different.” Well your camera may be crying out for change also. Try shooting at a totally new location or different point of view. Ideas for new places could be in the grocery store, your child’s pediatrician’s office, or even in the pouring rain (remember to cover your camera). For a unique point of view you could climb a tree, ly on the ground on your back, or even try upside down (yes I’m serious).
  3. Intimate moments: So in every happy and healthy relationship there is some level of intimacy. No I’m not asking you to get all freaky with your camera, I’m simply suggesting you try (if you haven’t already) shooting objects super close and personal. Shooting ordinary things can create extraordinary images when shot up close. There is so much more to macro photography than just insects and flowers so try anything that interests you.
  4. Give a little space: This tip may or may not come across well in a human relationship (so it’s a good thing your camera can’t bite your head off). Give your camera and all it’s fancy attachments some alone time. Have a vintage camera? Grab some film and capture some one-of-a-kind images. Own a point and shoot? Pick it up and get reacquainted with it. Have neither? Purchase a cheap disposable camera. Disposables and film cameras remove the comfort of your LCD screen and also limits the number of shots that you can take. You may just appreciate your DSLR a little more after this one. 🙂
  5. Interesting topics: There’s nothing I enjoy more than people who offer great and interesting conversation. Well guess what, cameras appreciate this also. Photography is about great storytelling. Choose an unusual topic and focus on capturing related images. Perhaps a sequence of images of public restrooms. Go to several different public restrooms and shoot a variety of images. Now for those of you frowning, that was just a unique suggestion by all means not the topic you have to choose. So pick a compelling topic and go for it!



Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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