3 Key Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Increasing web traffic is not an instant-result-oriented task. Once the website is built and fully prepared the operations for fetching traffic begins and it takes time. You need to wait patiently for some months to see your online business in proper shape. It may be concerning if the website traffic doesn’t increase with time or just become stagnant at a point. For growing your business and generating revenue from that you need to get more traffic. Here, you can go through some amazing tips that works for every business with a limited traffic.

Optimizing Website Content

Your website can be promoted with content this is the most crucial part of all. The design may lure the visitors for some time, but they will stay if they find engagement with the content. Hence, to get more traffic optimization is imperative. For optimization, you have to perform some steps that include:

  • Checking for the traffic. Get a clear idea about the current traffic statistics and then make it a habit to check it often, just to stay updated with the progress.
  • Making an effective content strategy. Implementing all SEO strategies will be of no use if there is no solid content strategy. Document the strategy to get more traffic.
  • Keeping an eye on the headlines of the blogs. Headline is the key to attract the viewers. Include keywords in the headline, make it interrogative, use listing method with digits – all these trigger the success of content marketing.
  • Putting relevant pictures with the content. It also helps in invoking interest within the readers.
  • Link internally with the keywords. Also you can link up other relevant contents with a published content. It will help in redirecting.
  • Don’t ever forget about content audit. It is important to rectify the problems immediately after identification so that it doesn’t create any ill impact on the business.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

Social media is excellent platform for promoting a business. Utilizing social media in the right way can get more traffic on your website and enhance your sale. To utilize social media you should:

  • Optimise each platform to be the great source of promoting your business. Don’t be inclined to any one platform, give importance to all and share relevant and captivating post to each of them.
  • There shouldn’t be any chance to forget about the posts. Schedule the posts beforehand so that on a particular day it gets published automatically. Don’t over-share or under-share the posts.
  • Don’t post wherever you can. Change your posts and the manner of posting. Otherwise, people will ignore your posts tagging it as ‘spammy’.
  • For the contents you have on your website always keep the sharing button so that it can be shared to any social media platform. Sharing will bring organic traffic to your site.
  • Know the different peak hours of each social media platform. Share the posts on that time when maximum people stay online. It will enhance visibility and get more traffic to the site.

Empowering with Quora

To stay ahead of the pack, utilising Quora can be a wise choice. Whenever people search with any question, generally Quora brings the answer first. Hence, open an account in Quora and reply to the questions with relevant posts.

There are many more ways to get more traffic to your site, however, the prominent three has been discussed here. Hope you liked it. Share your thoughts how you think web traffic can be increased.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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