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10 Essential Tips for Carpet Installation you must Follow

If you’re installing your own carpet, the first step you should take is doing research on how to install the carpet properly. If you don’t install it correctly, you chance ruining a section of your carpet. If you ruin some of your carpet, you lose money and time, not to mention feeling very frustrated. Make sure you do it right the first time by searching for tips and enlisting the help of family and friends who may be knowledge about carpet installing.

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This article will give you ten tips you need to know when installing your own carpet.

#1: Floor Preparation

If you are installing carpet on an area that previously had carpet, make sure you get up any nails that may be poking up. If you don’t, you chance that they’ll poke through the new carpet and give it a tear or you could get stabbed with a nail while you’re installing the new carpet.

#2: Know Where the Heat Ducts Are

Taylor Rental.com suggests knowing where your heat ducts are before installing the carpet. If you don’t, you could accidentally puncture them when you’re nailing carpet in. To find out where they are, wet the floor by wall areas and turn up the heat. Whatever area dries first are where the ducts are. 

#3: Have the Right Supplies Ready

If you’re installing carpet you need the proper materials to get the carpet to stick and stay on. Do It Yourself.com says that you’ll need such items as stapler, work gloves, hammer, utility knife, knee pads, safety glasses, etc. For a complete list of things you need to buy or rent, visit Do It Yourself.com.

#4: Buy Tackless Strips

Tackless Strips are made especially for installing carpet. They help hold the carpet in place and are made out of wood strips with tack points that are angled. The angled tacks grab the carpet and help hold it in place.

#5: Install Carpet Padding

If you want your carpet to sit properly and be more comfortable as you walk across it, then it is important to install carpet padding before you put in the actual carpet. Taylor Rental.com recommends that you use the padding waffle side up and staple it every six inches.

#6: Cut the Carpet Bigger then the Room

So you have enough carpet to work with, cut the carper bigger then you need, by a few inches. If you underestimate, the results could be horrible but if you overestimate, you can simply cut off what you don’t need.

#7: Invest in a Knee Kicker

A knee kicker will help with the sag in the carpet so you can stretch it out and pull the carpet towards the baseboards of the room. Wisegeek.com tells you how you can use the knee kicker (for example, you don’t kick it like the name applies, you push it) and suggests when you might want to use a power stretcher as a knee kicker isn’t the only extender that you’ll want.

#8: Use a Seam Sealer

A Seam Sealer helps minimize raveling edges when you’re putting in your carpet. You don’t want to have dished out a lot of money for new carpet and then have it unraveling which can lead to more of the carpet being destroyed.

#9: Install a Gripper Edge

A gripper edge is a metal piece that is installed in the doorway of a room. You will first need to trim the carpet up to the doorway point and then use a gripper edge. The gripper edge will help keep the carpet in place and it won’t look awkward sticking out everywhere if you use a gripper.

#10: Vacuum Carpet After Installation

The Carpet Buyers Handbook.com recommends that you vacuum your carpet after you install it and let it have a chance to “settle.” Don’t expect it to look perfect right when you are done. Also, if you have extra carpet left over, keep it stored somewhere so you can replace areas of your carpet that get messed up as time goes by.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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